NGL Energy Refined Products / Renewables

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Operations Overview

The Refined Products and Renewables segment conducts gasoline, diesel, ethanol, and biodiesel marketing operations. We purchase refined petroleum and renewable products primarily in the Gulf Coast, Southeast and Midwest regions of the United States and schedules them for delivery at various locations throughout the country.
For more information on NGL’s Refined Products?Colonial and Plantation business (which operates?under the TransMontaigne Product Services LLC trade name), please visit?: TPSL-NGL Product Services

Asset Overview

(as of 6-30-2019)

  • Line Space on the Colonial and Plantation pipelines
  • Sales from approximately?180 terminals?in 34 states
  • Approximately 9.9 million barrels of storage capacity
  • Long-term lease of TransMontaigne?Partners L.P.??(NYSE: TLP)??SE Terminals along Colonial and Plantation pipelines
    • Additional storage capacity throughout the United States
  • Rack sales through common carrier pipeline terminals

Collins, MS Refined Products Terminal

Refined Products / Renewables Management


Don Jensen

Executive?Vice President – NGL Refined Products